What is BizTender?

An all-inclusive management and compliance system that helps you run your cannabis-based business, so you can grow your company.

Who is BizTender for?

Who is BizTender for?

Depending on your state's laws, you more than likely fall into one, if not all, of the following business verticals of the legal cannabis industry.

BizTender works to help you produce the best product that you can by tracking every aspect of the lifecycle of your cannabis. Record your weights, trimming, and wasted clones. Then, sync that information to your state’s tracking system to ensure legal compliance. Our system will also help you sell your cannabis whenever you want to use project growth yields and plant cycle tracking.

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Features we are working on:

  • Seed to Sale Tracking
  • Lifecycle Tracking
  • Additives/Supplement Tracking
  • Inventory Location Tracking
  • Resource Planning & Forecasting
  • Government Compliance Syncing
  • And More…


As a producer stuck between the grower and the dispensaries, your brand is everything. It helps you stand out, so consumers choose your product. Our website and marketing templates provide you with the foundation to showcase and spread the word about your product. BizTender software allows you to track all your ingredients to automatically create food-grade, government compliant labels. You can also create pre-orders or sell your existing inventory with our private “grow-op” network.

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Features we are working on:

  • Lab Results Tracking
  • Easy Batch Creation and Tracking
  • Easily Create Transfers
  • Automatically Create Labels
  • Offer Online Private Wholesale Sales
  • Partner Hub “Grow-Op”
  • And More…


Our homegrown Point of Sales ties directly to your inventory, website, and reports directly to the state’s compliance systems. Our system has custom check-in, waiting room options, customer rewards & favorites, and much more.

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Features we are working on:

  • Website and e-Commerce
  • Point of Sale System and Hardware
  • Seed to Sale Tracking
  • Customer Loyalty Program
  • Business Trends and Insights
  • And More…


If your state allows home delivery, our system has you covered. Concerned about your drivers and the possibilities of multiple deliveries in the same location? Our system does not show a location on a map. However, it does give you a very accurate time window with a driver profile and allow your patient to add any delivery specific notes to the order. Some states will not let you transport your own cannabis products. With our system, a delivery business could have access to the same Seed to Sale Tracking System as the Grower, Producer, and the Dispensary/Provision Center. BizTender allows for easy package transfers or rejections and allows business owners to track other details like maybe a night deposit or moving inventory from one location to another.

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Features we are working on:

  • Transfers and Package Handling
  • Time-Based Delivery Tracking
  • Compliance with State Laws
  • And More…


BizTender Products

BizTender is a hosted & fully managed platform that allows you to use whichever included services fit your goals best. In addition to our regular software package, we also offer some add-on services, like managing multiple locations, custom branding & design, and help with marketing & optimization.

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About BizTender

The BizTender Team is comprised of highly-trained professionals with upwards of 20 years of experience in the Print, Web, Marketing, Compliance, and Business Branding Industries. We serve small mom and pop shops, Fortune 100 companies, and other organizations in the public and private sectors.

For years we have helped clients build their companies and dreams. After guiding so many clients to success, we decided it was our turn to make something that’s ours. Our dream is to build software that makes running your cannabusiness easier. Our goal is to save you money while making you more money in the process. At the same time, we pride ourselves on removing all the stress that comes with State Regulations and Cannabis Compliance Laws.

Majority of our partners are also active volunteers for their communities. We speak at public events, such as WordCamps or similar conferences, run workshops, and help to organize our local conferences or meetup groups. Our company is proud to help run and maintain a variety of community websites. 

Let your business bud with BizTender while you focus on creating the best product possible.

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