Point of Sale

Easy to use, seed to sale tracking integrated POS system with built-in client loyalty and retention program that can work on almost any internet connected device; while being 100% state compliant

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BizTender’s POS is a very intuitive application that lets you run your dispensary from anywhere you have wifi. You could walk around with a tablet or switch over to a big dual-screen system at a counter. Totally up to you. Don’t worry, we have an offline mode too in case your internet goes down.


  • Label Printing for Compliance
  • Customer Loyalty Programs
  • Multiple Registers
  • Offline Mode
  • Returns / Restocking / Defective
  • Hardware Integration
  • Works on Mobile, Tablet, and Desktops
  • End of Day Ratification System 
  • Offsite Backups
  • Intuitive User Interface
  • Waiting Room & TV Display Screens
  • And More…

Coming Soon

  • Online Menu syncing with Leafly, Weedmaps, & Others


The BizTender Platform can run on almost anything with a wifi connection. We would just say the internet, but you want to be on the same network so all the printers and labelers still work regardless of if the internet is on or not. Please review our hardware page for a more detailed review of what we have been testing on so far.

Useful Hardware

  • Barcode Scanner
  • Tablet 
  • Computer
  • Thermal Printer
  • Labeler
  • Cash Drawer
  • Scale
  • Flat Screen TV
  • Chrome Cast or Apple TV

Loyalty Points System

Customer retention is one of the hardest parts of this industry. There always seems to be someone new or a crazy deal that is to good to be true. Let’s win them over with convenience, reward them for their loyalty, and give them the tools so they can learn what they like, and even let them know when their favorite items are back in stock. To learn more about our Customer Retention services, go here.

The secret to BizTender’s Loyalty Program is it just works. There is never any number to remember or a card to swipe. It just happens; luckily, all sales are being tracked and IDs are required.  The dispensary can set whatever value and limits they want and even set restrictions on product types.


  • Define how many points are earned for purchases
  • Adjust the value of points for discounts.
  • Control the max discount that can be earned using points at the cart, category, or product level.
  • Award points for actions like signing up for SMS messages or writing a product review.
  • Easily change someone’s point balances
  • View a log of all point changes made for customers


For every dollar you spend you get 1 point. Every point is worth $0.01. The total bill is 100 pre-tax. The customer would get 100 points. Next visit they can redeem the  $1 off at checkout or let it roll for bigger rewards. It’s just a question in the checkout process and by default its set to rollover.

Custom Receipts with Email

BizTender clients can customize their customer’s receipts in the admin anytime the state changes the requirements. Joking aside, you have the ability to add content, logos, and any other useful info that might be needed like survey links or the customer’s loyalty point count.

With our system, all customers would have an order history in their accounts and have the option of having the receipt emailed to them. The emailed receipts can be a little fancier than the printout receipts. You would have the ability to change colors, add supporting images, and maybe include some upcoming sale or event info.

Exit Labels

What could be better than placing a big label across a beautifully branded pre-roll? Again, we with the jokes. Our system allows you to customize the exit labels per the requirements of your state. Once the patient or customer pays for their products, the POS will print out the receipt and a personalized exit label for every single product they purchased–including their name on each label, among other things.

Our system currently supports DYMO printers. Read more about Labelers on our hardware page.


Our Point of Sale ties directly into our ERM and follows all state compliance. Our System reports the moment the transaction happens. We don’t wait a couple of hours or till the end of the day. We want our clients to be fully compliant in the eyes of the state at all times.

We are so concerned about our clients’ compliances that we check our medical marijuana patient’s limits and usage at check-in and at check-out, just in case someone has been store hopping and the state’s numbers weren’t full synced.

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