Medical and Recreational Dispensaries & Provisioning Centers

Our homegrown ERP and Point of Sales tie your inventory directly to your warehouse, workstations, and website. Also syncing in real time with the states compliances systems.

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Dispensaries/Provisioning Centers

Our homegrown Point of Sales ties directly to your inventory, website, and sites directly to the state’s compliance systems. Our system has custom check-in, waiting room options, customer rewards & favorites, and much more.


  • Website and e-Commerce
  • Patient Verification
  • Customer Check-in & Queue Manager
  • Point of Sale System and Hardware
  • Seed to Sale Tracking and State Compliance
  • Customer Loyalty Program
  • Sales Reports
  • Business Trends and Insights
  • Online Ordering
  • And More…

Coming Soon

  • Delivery 
  • 3rd Party Menu Syncing

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