Does BizTender’s Point of Sale, On-line Ordering, and Enterprise Resource Management connect to Metrc via an API?

Yes, more on a full list of states can be seen here.

Is BizTender self hosted or Cloud Based?

Our core services are all cloud (internet) based and can be used from any device with internet access. 

Does BizTender’s system work offline?

Some services like Metrc API integration require internet access to fully work. BizTender does have offline ordering and Metrc gives you up to 48 hours to report in due to power/internet issues.

With normal internet connectivity, BizTender’s system reports state compliances during the transaction process instantly.

Does BizTenders products require updates and maintenance?

Technically, yes. However, the BizTender Team handles all of that for you from our end. All updates will be fully tested in staging environments before being deployed and full production tests will occur after deployment.

Along with continues feature improvements based on customer feedback.

What Hardware does BizTender need or work with?

BizTender works with almost any device with internet access. We can help you pick out the best hardware for your business. We can even integrate into some all in one POS hardware table holders.

More info on hardware can be found here.