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Mission Statement

BizTender helps businesses save time and make better decisions; with better intelligence and compliance.

BizTender, LLC formally DFYPress a DBA of Easily Amused.

BizTender, LLC is a newly formed company, however, the team behind BizTender has been around for 20+ years.  This is due to the constantly changing laws and uncertainty of the federal government.

BizTender itself is a fork of the brand DFYPress. DFYPress was the product and support branch of Easily Amused, Incorporated. Easily Amused(at that time Easily Amused Graphics) started in 1998. That’s right, we have been doing custom design, development, branding & marketing for over 20 years.

The BizTender brand may be new, but the idea and base SaaS has been around for over 10 years.

Old Parent Company

“Old” is really only for legal purpose and we did not want to lose 20 years of business history if the federal government got upset. So we started a new company for our cannabis-based platform.

Forked Brand / Sister Company

A lot of our stand-alone plugins, themes, maintenance support, and hosting has been under DFYPress. A DBA of Easily Amused for the past 10 years.