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The funny thing about cannabis is not many advertisers are “pot” friendly. What does this mean for your business? It means you have to focus more on real interactions and more optimizations and performances versus tossing a bunch of money at keywords. You can’t just spend more per keyword and win the google ranking game in this market.

Don’t worry, we understand the long game and how to organically increase your traffic.

Besides site improvements, there are other avenues of marketing that are perfectly ok with our market of choice.

  • Cannabis-based Magazines online and in print
  • LinkedIn
  • Conferences
  • None Sponsored Social Media Campaigns
  • Sponsoring Events and Podcasts
  • Among other things

But without tracking everything you are doing and making sure you are setting up proper event triggers, funnel, and goal conversions, you will have no idea of what marketing paths are working. BizTender’s sister company Easily Amused can help with that.

BizTender started as a product of Easily Amused and branched off in 2018. Easily Amused is a full-service creative agency that has been in business for more than 22 years helping people grow their businesses.

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