Enterprise Resource Management & Planning

Don’t let the title fool you, our ERM is the heart of BizTender. Every branch of service we offer reports back to our Enterprise Resource Management System.

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Enterprise Resource Management & Planning System

BizTender’s ERM is really the heart of our system. It tracks everything for you in a very intuitive fashion. Packages are clearly labeled with strains, room information, and lab results among other things.

BizTender Dashboard

Highlighted Features

Below is a shortlist of some of the features our Enterprise Resource Management system has to offer.

  • Dashboard
  • Seed to Sale Tracking
  • Inventory and Product Management
  • Track Growth and Harvest of your plants
  • Additives/Supplement Tracking
  • Follows All State Compliance Requirements
  • Activity Log(s)
  • Offsite backups
  • Inventory Location Tracking
  • All updates take place on a development server first
  • All updates fully tested after deployment
  • Recall System
  • Hardware Integration
  • Compliance Labeling
  • And More

Coming Soon

Let us know if there is a feature you want that is not on the list. There is a good chance we did not list it. Never hurts to ask. Below are a handful of things we are currently working on.

  • Leafly, Meadow, Weedmaps integration
  • Advanced Time Tracking for Employees 
  • Always something in development.

Error Handling

Activity Log

Sometimes data entry problems occur. Sometimes people mess up. However, all those issues still have to be tracked and reported to the state. This is where BizTender really starts to shine. We have built-in error handling that will alert the budtender that what they are doing is not allowed and give a reason why. If this is something that has already happened and needs to still be reported, we add a checkbox to the task making sure the person doing the reporting knows this is against the rules, but can report the issues. Our system will offer suggestions on how to resolve the issue.


Someone tries to create a 40 lbs package of cured flower. Your state only allows 30 lb packages, but you already bagged and weighed it. When adding the harvest package to the system it would tell you it weighs too much. Since the package is already made, you check the box acknowledging there is something wrong and you report it anyways. Our system would also recommend splitting the package into 2 or more smaller packages and finishing the first one.

We understand problems can happen. Let BizTender’s Platform remove all the confusion when they do and provide possible solutions to keep your cannabis business in compliance.

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