Customer Relations

Customer retention is one of the hardest parts of the cannabis industry. Lets win them over with quality product, convenience, and reward them for their loyalty.

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Lets give them the tools so they can learn what they like, and even let them know when their favorite items are back in stock.

  • Customer / Medical Patient account
  • Customer Loyalty – but in a seem-less way without the need of a number or card, points
  • Favorites, notes (personal reviews), set orders for renewals
  • Public Reviews of Products – restricted by purchase
  • Recommend up-sells based on customers buying habits
  • Patients can login from home and manage/review/compare/pre-orders
  • Mobile Friendly
  • SMS / Email updates on deals or when your favorite things back in stock
    (opt in needed)
  • Patient Verification
  • Track Customer/Transaction Limits
  • Patient Blacklist Network (maybe)

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