Introducing BizTender

A SaaS Platform for business intelligence & compliance for the cannabis industry.

A what now?

BizTender is a Seed-to-Sale cloud based software platform that handles all your basic needs, and then some, when it comes to running your medical or recreational cannabis based business.

Our platform works with all verticals in the industry, and has had a main focuse on compliance and ease of use.

But What do you do?

This depends on your vertical, but all clients get access to their own dashboard with live stats, built in support, resources and training videos. Hosting and access to our website platform and monthly check-in call.

The BizTender platform does a lot, but for the sake of reading, we are going to focus on the main features now. In the future we will post detailed reviews of all our major features.

Let’s start at the beginning – Compliance first and then:

Main Services

  • Enterprise Resource Management & Planning
  • Point of Sale
  • Check In, Verification, & Loyalty System
  • Screens, Displays & Menus
  • Website with Online Store
  • State Compliance system

There are also other services that are available with monthly upgrades or one off projects like, marketing, branding, design & Dev, and other business intelligence services.

That seems like a lot

At first, it looks like the BizTender platform offers a lot of services. The truth is some states require businesses to be a single vertical or microbusiness. This means they can only sell what they grow. That also means the dispensary is also the cultivator and the producer. All the same compliance rules still apply. So we made a platform that helps with every step of the way.

Website too?

That’s correct. With the allowance in some states for home deliveries and the convenience of a online order placed for a in-store pick, but the worry of compliance and making sure the orders always have the proper ID’s and exit labels attaches.

it made sense for everything to be pulling from the same inventory. That way your menus, online shop all in store point of sales are always 100% in sync.

Like we said above our platform is hosted on google’s cloud servers.

How much does it cost?

BizTender is a monthly service. The price depends on what verticals you are in and how many licensed locations are you have.

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