BizTender is now fully Metrc compliant & integrated in Oregon

BizTender is now a validated software provider for Metrc in the state of Oregon and is registered with the Oregon Liquor Control Commission (OLCC).

Our platform handles real time integration and syncing with the state system in the following areas:

  • Plants
  • Harvests
  • Packages
  • Labs
  • Sales

Our system also help you manage your:

  • Rooms
  • Strains
  • Items
  • Employees

And Handle every day activities in our ERM and/or POS like:

  • Create new plat batches
  • Create new packages
  • Adjust package quantities
  • Split packages
  • Merge packages
  • Finish packages
  • Sales receipts
  • And more

To learn more about Metrc, check out our blog posts here. To see our full list of Metrc integrated states click here.

What does this mean for our clients?

Sales, inventory reports, plantings, harvests, and package functions will all be synced to Metrc in real-time without the need to double entry or CSV upload.

However, we always recommend logging into Metrc daily to make sure everything is working as planned. If there is anything out of sync, use the ratification tool to adjust or adjust right in Metrc. Part of BizTender’s monthly service is that our clients can always reach out if they need anything.

System limitations

The BizTender platform does everything that is allowed by Metrc. Meaning our system is fully integrated and if our system does not do the thing you need to do in Metrc, it’s because Metrc won’t let anyone do it. Some states are a little different on certain rules.


Creating and Accepting transfer manifests still has to happen in Metrc (state system) in Oregon. Once inventory is accepted via Metrc, it will automatically sync down to the BizTender system.

Important information

In most cases, once you have your Metrc Keys, you have 10 days to get all of your inventory into the system. The BizTender platform allows you to migrate your inventory over and sync with the state system after. Granted this depends on the state laws at the time of licensing.

Oregon’s State Resources

For information on Oregon’s state-legal medical & recreational programs, check out the following sites:

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