Michigan Governor Whitmer signing Clean Slate Bill

Michigan Governor Whitmer Signs “Clean Slate” Legislation

Governor Gretchen Whitmer Signs House Bill 4982

Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer signed a milestone piece of legislation that will implement a process of expunging non-violent, marijuana-related offenses off criminal records. The multiple “Clean Slate” bills were passed through Michigan’s House and Senate with tremendous support.

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First State to Expunge Marijuana-Related Felonies

While Michigan is the latest state to include “clean slate” bills, they are the first to expunge non-violent marijuana-related felonies. Other states that have adopted clean-slate bills including Pennsylvania, Utah, California, Connecticut, Washington, North Carolina, Louisiana, and New Jersey according to the Center for American Progress. About 235,000 Michigan residents have marijuana-related convictions on their criminal records. The removal of such convictions would grant opportunities for better employment, loans, and housing among others.

This is a historic day in Michigan. These bipartisan bills are a game-changer for people who are seeking opportunities for employment, housing, and more, and they will help ensure a clean slate for hundreds of thousands of Michiganders.”

– Gretchen Whitmer, Detroit Metro Times

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