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Here at BizTender, we are committed to supporting the cannabis community and the organizations behind drug policy reform.

Advocacy efforts for marijuana reform began to form following Richard Nixon’s declaration of “The War on Drugs“. What followed was decades of subsequent mass incarceration and cannabis-related convictions.

Statistics on Cannabis-Related Crimes

In an article published by Forbes, more people were arrested for marijuana-related offenses than all violent crimes combined.

According to FBI Data,

Marijuana-related arrests dropped for the first time in four years in 2019, but we are still a long way from substantial drug policy reform. We recently contributed to the following reputable organizations in the pursuit of justice and for marijuana policy reform across the country.

Marijuana Policy Project and Drug Policy Reform

Background and Their Mission

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Image Courtesy of Marijuana Policy Project

One of the largest drug policy reform organizations we support is Marijuana Policy Project. Founded in 1995, the organization solely focuses on enacting humane marijuana laws.

MPP’s mission is to change federal law to allow states to determine their own marijuana policies, allow medical marijuana in all fifty states, and for marijuana to be regulated just as alcohol is.

Their Work on Drug Policy Reform

Marijuana Policy Project was crucial in the ballot initiatives to legalize, regulate, and tax marijuana in the following states:

  • Colorado (2012)
  • Alaska (2014)
  • Maine (2016)
  • Massachusetts (2016)
  • Nevada (2016)
  • Michigan (2018)
  • Montana (2020)
  • South Dakota (2020)

MPP has also focused their attention on regulating marijuana like alcohol in several other states, as well as lobbying for medical marijuana bills.

Click here to help support Marijuana Policy Project and its mission to reforming federal cannabis legislation.

What Other Organizations Should We Contribute To?

Drug Policy Reform Organizations

What other drug policy reform organizations should we contribute to?

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